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Questions about Essential Oils

Why we have to dilute essential oil before use? 為甚麼精油需要稀釋使用? 

Essential oils are highly concentrated solution extracted from plants, we must dilute the oil properly in carrier oils before use(only a few oils can be use directly on skin e.g. Lavender or Tea Tree...) If we put such intensive extracts directly on skin, it may cause irritation and corrosion which it can seriously hurt our body. Therefore we should always dilute the oils properly before skin application. Our store also provides some organic carrier oils, It is good for aromatherapy purposes.

Always remember the aim that "less is more" when using essential oils.


1% = 1 Drop of oil : 5ml Carrier Oil / 2 Drop of oil : 10ml Carrier Oil

2% = 2 Drops of oil : 5ml Carrier Oil

3% = 3 Drops of oil : 5ml Carrier Oil ... and so on

Percentage of oils on aromatherapy purposes:

Facial Steam : 3 drop a bowl into hot water 

Massage Oil : 2-8% dilution, depends on your purposes

Inhalation : 5 drops into a mug of hot water

Room Spary :  2-5% dilution, depends on how abundance the odor you want

Lotion : 2-5% dilution in ready made lotion, depends on your purposes

Facial Oil : 1-2% dilution in carrier



1%= 1 滴精油 : 5毫升基底油/2 滴精油 : 10毫升基底油

2%=2 滴精油 : 5毫升基底油

3%=3 滴精油 : 5毫升基底油 … 如此類推


3%=3 滴精油 : 5毫升基底油 … 如此類推


吸入式: 5滴精油 加入一杯熱水中




How do I know my essential oils are real? 如何辨別精油的真偽? 

We always mix up essential oils with artificial fragrances. Essential oils are 100% extracted from plants, it's odor sometimes is not as same as the plant itself, some may even smell weird; Fragrances are compound from different chemical isolates, which it can be a mixture of essential oils and chemical isolates. Most of the perfumes and aroma diffusers are made by fragrances, they have sharp odors and long lasting time than essential oils.  The expression of fragrances is rich, imitating men made objects like tea, leather or candy notes is common. M

Real essential oils always provide bontanical names, extraction method and origins. The package would sometimes stated "100% essential oil". Besides, Real essential oils is usually more expensive than fragrances, especially flower oils and sandalwood oil. You should always doubt your oils if it is too cheap but smell-too-good.




What is Absolute and CO2 Extacted Oils? 甚麼是原精和二氧化碳萃取? 

Most of our oils without specific mention are extracted by Steam Distilled method. Besides, some are marked with "Absolute" or "CO2 Extracted", they are : 

Absolute :

Extracted using solvent. Absolute contains a higher density of constituents from the plant, making the aroma highly concentrated and more true to nature. Its odor has a great different from distilled oils. Commonly uses on delicate flowers.

CO2 Extracted :

Extracted using Carbon Dioxide gas under pressure at ambient temperatures. Since there is very low heat during the process, a greater amount of valuable constituents can be retained. CO2 Extracted oils are relatively new method in the industry, the cost of extraction is higher than traditional methods.


原精 Absolute :


二氧化碳萃取 CO2 Extracted : 


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